Lou's Libations Wisconsin Draper.

Lou's Libations Wisconsin Draper.

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Lou’s Libations is a high-quality craft cocktail mix. The infusion of flavors will elevate your cocktail crafting experience. And it’s simple! Combine your favorite booze with the ingredients in the groovy little jar to serve up big flavor. Leave for a few days to chill in the fridge. Then add a breezy mixer and enjoy your tasty libation. 

What's Inside:
Orange, Cherries, Orange Peel, Bitters & Orange Bitter Sugar


1. Add 12 oz. of bourbon or brandy to the jar.
2. Refrigerate for 3 days.
3. Shake and strain. Serve over 1-2 ounces of your favorite mixer. (Club soda, tonic or flavored sparkling water are our favorites!)

Makes 8-10 servings. Use within 1 year. Once mixed, use within 30 days and keep refrigerated. 

Alcohol not included.